To Kill A Mocking Bird & My Skinny Neighbor


2 video set of “My Skinny Neighbor/To Kill a Mockingbird” and a BONUS feature: “The Cable Guy.”

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This is a THREE video set of “My Skinny Neighbor”, “To Kill a Mockingbird” and a BONUS video feature “The Cable Guy.”

My Skinny Neighbor
This video starts off with this self delusional “skinny neighbor” trying to compare his physical attributes with Brad. He obviously does not fare well being 125 lbs. lighter then Brad!! Then its time to wrestle and Brad gives this scrawny guy some bone crushing bear hugs! Brad decides to body press this wimp for many reps as well! Brad resorts back to various wrestling holds such bear hugs,cradles ,etc and treats this guy like a human rag doll! All while strutting and posing his 300 plus pounds of muscular perfection. It proved to be not such a beautiful day in the neighborhood for this guy!

To Kill a Mocking Bird
This is the out come of what happens when a skinny wise-ass mocks Brad at the gym! He gets just what he deserves and Brad decides to take this punk back to his place to teach him some lessons in respect! This bag of bones gets his chance to pose off with Brad and there is approximate 160 lbs. difference in their body weights!!! Then Brad in his usual style intimidates & punishes this guy relentlessly with wrestling holds such as bear hugs,cradles ,etc. until the guy succumbs to his fate. This DVD proves that learning lessons in life can be very painful!

The Cable Guy
This cable guy chose the wrong house to try a disconnect! He unfortunately came to the house of Ultra muscle giant Brad Hollibaugh and super muscled Kyle Stevens!! Kyle shows this guy to the wrestling room and starts intimidating ,etc. Then goes right into some rib cracking bear hugs! This poor soul has all he can withstand but all hope is lost when Big Brad joins in on the fun! These two muscle elites take turn punishing this guy with bear hugs and other wrestling moves until this guy expires! Looks like Brad & Kyle get free cable for life!

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95 mins