Day Dreaming & The Escort

Muscle Stud decides he wants this guy's wife for his own entertainment..
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2 DVD Set!


Day Dreaming

Its one of those days and Mrs. Magic's thoughts start wondering about things much more pleasurable then work.. Her mind is on much Bigger & Better things being the Ultimate Muscle Giant Brad Hollibaugh! In this video Mrs. Magic's thought's are brought to life for our viewing pleasure! For her "Size Does Matter" and she knows just how to best benefit from Big Brad!!! For those that appreciate Brad in his "FULL" erotic state this is one not to miss!

The Escort

A married couple decides they would like to hire a hugely muscled bodybuilder for their visual entertainment .. Well things don't go as planned when this Muscle Stud decides he wants this guy's wife for his own entertainment! The husband is forced to watch helplessly as his wife is man-handled by this HUGE Muscle Beast! This is sure to be a an all time favorite video for those that enjoy Big Brad erotica!



60 min.
Running Time (Approx.)