Backyard Beatdown I & II

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Will these four guys be enough to overpower Brad Hollibaugh?

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2 DVD Set!

Backyard Beatdown
Two younger and muscular yard maintenance guys are hired to maintain Brad’s Estate. While working they decide to peer in the homes master bathroom through a side window. To their pleasure they find Brad’s beautiful wife bathing. Well as luck would have it, Brad arrives home to catch these perverts watching his wife! Well you can only guess what happens from there!


Backyard Beatdown II
For those of you that enjoy Brad’s wrestling / domination style DVDs this will sure be a classic! The boys that Brad teaches a lesson to in Part 1 come for payback!! They hire the huge & powerful Kyle Stevens along with a Special forces expert “The Hammer”! Will these four guys be enough to over power the amazing size & strength of Brad Hollibaugh?

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