The Executioner


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Every man has a dark side, but when a man with the planet-shattering power of Brad Hollibaugh reaches into the darkest areas of his soul, the most terrifying creature of pure power and rage is born: The Executioner! We are allowed a very rare chance to see into The Executioner’s dungeon where he is presently “hosting” a prisoner. When the prisoner refuses to eat the meal so generously provided by The Executioner, it becomes time for some swift, painful and frightening discipline. Bending the bars, The Executioner enters the cage and with amazing power, grabs the prisoner by the throat and hoists him up against the cell wall, feet dangling 3 feet off the floor, WITH ONE HAND! The prisoner struggles as the grip of The Executioner gets tighter and tighter and he is lifted even higher against the wall. Not satisfied that the prisoner has learned how to behave, The Executioner continues to punish and torture the prisoner. The Executioner actually seems to get ever more stronger and evil as the unrelenting punishment continues. There is no hope for the prisoner; the power of The Executioner is beyond superhuman. Never has a display of raw unleashed power been recorded in all human history. Pray The Executioner doesn’t single YOU out for some discipline!




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Running Time

62 mins