Unlucky Encounter & Muscle Tussle


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Unlucky Encounter

As you can imagine, Brad rules his neighborhood with an iron fist – nothing happens there without Brad’s approval. But one day, a cocky, arrogant, young bodybuilder played by Kyle Stevens moves into the neighborhood. Brad is willing to let this upstart live in peace, but the young man is just too full of himself to stay quiet. Thinking he is better than everyone in the neighborhood – even Brad – he struts around, showing off for all the neighborhood to see. It’s not long before he sees Mary, Brad’s wife, and starts hitting on her. This is something Brad will NOT tolerate! He then struts by Brad’s home and notices Brad and his weight lifting equipment .After some smart-ass comments on how he can show Brad the proper way to use his weightlifting equipment, etc. Brad can’t take it any more.! He knocks the jerk out, slings him over his shoulder, and takes him into his wrestling pit. After coming to, Brad proceeds to teach the young disrespectful punk some manners – in the traditional, extremely painful, Brad way! Brad wrestles and lifts this young guy with no mercy. This is some REAL wrestling footage! Brad uses bearhugs, full nelsons, head locks, cradles and his monster thighs to mercilessly crush the kid beyond human limits! In a display of pure power that has to be seen to be believed, Brad lifts the 230 lb. bodybuilder off the floor and holds him against the wall WITH ONE HAND and chokes the daylights out of him two different times.Brad also military presses him over his head for reps!!!! Only after the boy is broken and shattered does Brad toss him over his shoulder once more and hauls him out to the curb where all the garbage belongs.
If you like wrestling and lifting action then you will LOVE this DVD!

Muscle Tussle

Ok, wrestling & feats of strength fans, this DVD contains three great Brad Hollibaugh &Kyle Stevens scenes! Scene 1 shows Brad & Kyle both easily bending a 1/2 inch thick piece of rebar and furthermore shows Brad & Kyle in a push up contest! Scene 2 is Brad & Kyle wrestling with plenty of great moves such as the bear hug ,etc. take place! Scene 3 features a challenge to see who has the best bear hug, full nelson and ending in a full out grips of steel mercy contest! Great muscle & wrestling action!