Fatal Attraction & Muscular Punishment III

This brave muscle-worshipper's plan goes well until Big Brad comes home unexpectedly...
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Fatal Attraction
If you enjoyed the "Muscular Punishment" series you will love this one! A so-called "handy man " answers an ad for some finish work on Brad 's home. He knows good and well who Brad is along with his son Kyle. This crazy man decides he wants to enjoy some muscle without Kyle's consent! This brave muscle-worshipper's plan goes well until Big Brad comes home unexpectedly and catches him in the act of abducting & binding Kyle (ouch)! Loads of punishing wrestling holds along with tons of flexing are unloaded on this muscle fan for his crime! One thing is for sure that justice will be served with gobs of flex appeal to boot ! See the ultimate in muscle and his muscle bound son do what they do best, KICK ASS!!

Muscular Punishment 3: The Fan
This well muscled and young stud is a huge fan of Brad's and loves his videos. He wants to experience Brad's ultimate Power, Size & Strength first hand! Well you should be careful what you wish for because he gets his wish! A must see for those who love to see Brad dominating a guy with bone crushing, wrestling, and choke holds ...
Just awesome!

55 min.
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Fatal Attraction

Muscular Punishment III: The Fan