Muscular Punishment I & II

Wrath of destruction by these two ultimate bodybuilding strongmen...
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Crime does not pay for this small & young car jacker especially when the car belongs to the 310lb extreme power of Brad Hollibaugh! He also has support of his on screen son, the big and powerful bodybuilder Kyle Stevens! There are some great posing & oiling action footage of Brad & Kyle leading up to bone crushing and torturous wrestling holds applied to this well deserved punk. This thief gets to see and feel the wrath of destruction by these two ultimate bodybuilding strongmen - and justice served the Brad Hollibaugh way! A must have for you Brad Hollibaugh & Kyle Stevens fans....



This time Big Brad catches two young thieves actually inside his house! You cannot believe how surprised and scared these young punks were when they found out whose house they were robbing! Brad catches them in the act and Kyle is right there to help Dad deliver the punishment they so rightly deserve! There will be no rehab, no jail sentence or probation for these punks! If you enjoy Brad's wrestling-oriented videos and liked the first Muscular Punishment, you will enjoy this one even more! There is loads of great posing & wrestling holds applied in this one by both Big Brad & Kyle Stevens ...

90 min.
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